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New Patient Call Training

Benefits to New Patient Call Training

The new patient call is a skill and art combined!

It is a way to introduce new patients to your office and make them feel comfortable. There are many benefits to new patient call training, which include:


  1. Training receptionist who answer new patient calls helps to ensure that calls are handled in a consistent and professional manner.

  2. Your receptionist's learn how to properly represent the practice, build rapport, and handle objections from new patient callers

  3. Receptionists learn how to schedule new patients, which can help to improve office efficiency.

  4. New patient call training can help to improve patient satisfaction scores.

New patient call training is an important investment for any dental practice. By providing new patients with a great first impression, you can help increase retention rates and grow your business.


if you are in need of new patient call training in Alberta, contact Evolution Dental Consulting. We offer easily implementable team-based solutions, so you and your team can spend your time focusing on patients and dentistry. Our services are tailor-made to make a big impact on your goals, with minimal disruption to the practice.

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