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How to unlock your practices maximum potential


Manage Like a Boss


Presented by Stephanie Richardson, co-founder of Evolution Dental Consulting, RDA and Director of Operations.

Stephanie has been in the dental industry for 17 years, as a RDA, Office manager and Dental Consultant she has experience in almost all facets of the dental office. Stephanie has a knack for helping offices increase their profitability while creating meaningful connections with both team members and doctors. Stephanie created the course for dental office managers as a way to help set them up for success, enjoy their jobs more and create a community of like minded individuals. This course has proven to be a success in the past, with the managers enjoying what they do more, having better direction in their role, their office culture improving and the offices they work at profiting more!


Our Success Stories Speak for Themselves

Here are a few things some of the ladies have said about the MLB Masterclass
"I really enjoy that I have a community that I belong to now"
"Production at my office has increased, my stress has decreased and I love that I can reach out anytime I face a problem that I do not know how to navigate...highly recommend"
" The Masterclass has given me so many tips for success, it has really helped me in my role"

"Not only do I feel I have more direction and clarity in my role, I am able to pass that along to my team and their performance collectively has improved greatly. The class has been transformative for me personally and my office. Every office manager should take this course." 



 This Masterclass is designed with the optimal learning experience in mind. Each participant will have access to the PRIVATE Manage like a Boss, members only WhatsApp group to continue collaboration and have questions answered between sessions. We are accepting registration for 20 registrants. Guest speakers include Stacey Adamczyk - marketing strategy advisor, Dr. Derek Nordstrom - HIA compliance expert, Erin Robichaud - Profitable Perio specialist. 

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