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Tailor Made Solutions For Unique Dental Practices

Evolution Dental Consulting

We know that you want to put your focus and time back into what you love, dentistry, without having to worry about the logistics of growing a successful dental practice. We are here to help. Our consultants listen to your needs and use our experience to generate sustainable dental practice solutions to reach your goals. 


Our Solutions Are Driven By Real Results


Average Hygiene Downtime


Increase in production


Of teams report feeling more engaged in their role at work
About Us

About Evolution Dental Consulting

At Evolution Dental Consulting, we are dedicated to helping dental practices in Alberta and across Canada achieve their full potential. With our team-based, easily implementable solutions, you and your staff can focus on delivering exceptional patient care and advancing dentistry.

Our comprehensive dental consulting services are tailored to drive significant impact towards your unique practice goals, while minimizing disruptions to your daily operations. Whether you require in-person guidance or prefer virtual training, we bring our expertise to you, anywhere in Canada.

Led by dental industry leaders, Stephanie and Erin, our consulting team has undergone extensive training in various domains, including Ritz-Carlton Customer Service, New Patient Call Handling, Effective Communication, Leadership Development, Increasing Patient Case Acceptance, and Clinical Team Training for Patient Interactions.

At Evolution Dental Consulting, we focus on optimizing your Key Practice Indicators across all departments, from front office operations to clinical workflows. Our data-driven approach empowers you to make informed decisions, streamline processes, and elevate your practice to new heights of success."

About Us

"I am now 6 months into the 12-month program and my schedule is FULLY booked 2-3 weeks out and I am adding dental days to keep up.  Billings have almost doubled while expenses are the same.  Patient satisfaction is up due to Stephanie and Erin's focus on patient care (NOT MONEY!!!) as evidenced by my almost 200 Google reviews. My expectations for the consultancy have been blown away and to be honest, I would not have believed this was possible.  I thought that I knew a lot about running a dental office, but as they say "you don't know what you don't know".  Stephanie and Erin bring a totally new way of looking at things and suggested systems and ideas that seem obvious in hindsight, but that I had totally overlooked."



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We would love to discuss your practice with you one-on-one to see how we can create tailor-made solutions for your dental practice. Let's unlock your business's full potential for success together.

We work with practices across North America, in person and virtually.

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