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Office manager MASTERCLASS coming


Who Are We


We have had such a good response to our office manager MASTERCLASS that we want to offer it AGAIN!!


We will be opening up registration in mid September and we will be offering a limited time offer so keep your eyes peeled for the early bird pricing!


This virtual Masterclass is entirely focused on growing the office manager in their role. It includes how to grow the profit of the dental office, how to create and sustain AMAZING office cultures, how to plan and run effective meetings and a complete brain dump of everything Stephanie has learned in her 17 years in the dental industry about being a leader of a dental practice.


We are going to cover all the ways to become stronger and more respected in your role and we are going to show you how to do that while making the practice more money!

This class launched in the spring and is getting RAVE reviews!! However, we want to tweak it and make it better and better. "Never stop learning and growing" are words that Stephanie lives by!


That is where you come in. Please take a few minutes to answer this super short survey- there is only one thing that we want to ask you...


What are your top two topics that we absolutely need to include in the Masterclass?

Please help us by taking two minutes to let us know your opinion on course content

Thanks for submitting!

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